Miracles Happen - Chiropractic
  1. Chiropractic Care
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    “At miracles happen chiropractic we use mainly SOT which is a very gentle technique and suitable for all sizes and ages. It includes cranial work where gentle releasing adjustments are done to the skull. We also practice Activator, Thompson, Diversified, Kinesiology, Retained Neonatal reflexes, Neuro Emotional Techniques and Toggle. We firmly believe in tailor making the care for the person we are serving to get the best outcome and best function of your nervous system.”
  2. Children
    Chiropractic Care for Children & Adolescents
    Chiropractic is often a choice of care for babies and children. Although not a “treatment” for specific conditions per se, it ses some remarkable changes when restoring normal function and movement in the skull and spine with gentle specific adjustments. When the skull and spine works better, the nervous system and the whole person seems to function a bit better. When a baby with a poorly moving jaw gets the jaw working optimally, the side effect of that it is feeding better and consequently digesting better and thriving. A British study found that chiropractic care can significantly reduce crying time in babies with colic. Older children are sadly displaying more and more spine related issues as a result of using mobile phones and tablets. Accoring to research the average child has 194 min of screen time - daily! Postural strains of neck and shoulders are often seen in school children suffering headaches. When we adjust these children and provide support for healthier screen usage and how to develop best posture the changes are remarkable.
  3. Nutrition
    Professional advice on optimal nutrition & wellbeing
    We are what we eat, and how our bodies work and express themselves is often a direct reflection of the nutritional status of our diet . Often babies that are unsettled or not thriving have intolerances to food or to what mum eats that is then taken onboard when breast feeding. More and more evidence is published on how certain foods or lack of certain food groups may affect the ability for children to process information and therefore compromise their learning. We feel it is an important part of the care we provide to ensure best results We also find that people with long standing musculoskeletal problems often have mineral deficiencies and sometimes food intolerances. Optimal nutrition and advise on what is best to eat for YOU to be healthier to handle stress and to get the best from your chiropractic care and experience is just a part of how we prefer to look after you. We collaborate with a range of complimentary practitioners and GP’s to ensure we get the best outcome possible for you and your family, whatever the goal is what you come for in your initial consultation.
  4. Supportive
    Range of products to assist optimal support
    We believe your health is affecting all areas of your life and everything you do, we offer a broad range of supportive care and products to assist your individual needs on your journey to optimal health and wellbeing. From multivitamins, specific supplements and market leading fishoils from Metagenics, to chiropractic pillows in sizes for the entire family, we make it easy for you to recover and stay well . We are also working very close in collaboration with supportive and complimentary practitioners and therapists, with nearly a decade of working relationships with some of the best GP’s, naturopaths, podiatrists, homeopaths, psychologists, surgeons, acupuncturists and kinesiologists in our local community as well as greater Sydney.